DAY 5 AUGUST 12, 2017

Good morning, church family!  Hope you are having a blessed Saturday.

Please take some time right now to pray through the following acronym: ACTS:

Adoration ▪ Praise the Lord for who he is and for all He has done for you.

Confession ▪ Confess your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness and cleansing.

Thanksgiving ▪ Thank God for being such a good, good Father.

Supplication ▪ Pray for GHBC to reach many and grow.

Today I would like for you to join me in praying boldly for God to bless and grow Great Hills Baptist Church.  When I say grow, I mean growth by adding new followers of Jesus and Christians who do not have a church home.  Our city of Austin has hundreds of thousands of unchurched people, and we have a very large facility that can accommodate many.  I believe as we become unified and revived, we will begin to see many new faces in our church on Sundays.  In the churches that I have seen grow, there was an excitement for Jesus and the church.  The people were fired up about their church and constantly inviting the unchurched to join them.

In Mark Batterson’s book on prayer entitled The Circle Maker, he tells the story of how the church he pastored in Washington, D.C., National Community Church, struggled for five years.  Then, in a brief period of time, things changed dramatically for the church.  A reporter from the Washington Post asked to do an article on the church that would appear in the religious section on Sunday morning.  Pastor Mark agreed and did the interview.  When he looked at the paper on Sunday he did not see the article in the religious section and thought that they had simply decided not to run it.  When he placed the large newspaper back on the rack he noticed their story was on the front page!  As a result of that publicity, Mark said they grew in one year by the number of people it had taken them five years to reach.  He writes, “And the beautiful thing about it is we couldn’t take credit for it. It was nothing more, or maybe I should say nothing less, than the favor of God.  It was God’s time.  It was God’s favor.  It was God’s word.  And God was watching over it.”

I have waited, labored, prayed, fasted, and given my all for that day when God strikes the match that will catch GHBC on fire.  John Wesley said that when a church is on fire, the people will come and watch it burn.

Will you pray for me?  Pray that I will do as Pastor Mark instructs when he writes, “The hard thing about praying hard is letting God do the heavy lifting.  You have to trust the favor of God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  You have to trust God to change hearts.”

Praying and trusting,

Danny Forshee