About Great Hills

It’s all because of Jesus.

…And to present her to himself as a radiant church without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. — Ephesians 5:27

Our Vision

We want to be a diverse family of believers committed to Jesus, one another, and introducing others to the deep love of Christ by making disciples who make disciples.

Our Mission:

We want to live upward in worship to God.
We want to live inward in discipleship.
We want to live outward in missions.

Upward in Worship

We’re not simply talking about music, here. Sure, our expressions of gratitude toward Jesus and our adoration of him through music is one key aspect of worship, but we’re talking about something even richer and transformative. We’re talking about living life in direct response to the reality of the gospel — that the work of God through Jesus Christ is good news for great sinners. We are great sinners, and we need a great God. The greatest news in all the universe is that because God so loved us, he coded himself in human DNA, lived a life of righteousness we can’t live, was murdered on our behalf, and resurrected from the grave to defeat death so we may experience ultimate freedom. How then shall we live? We see only one option! We live upwardly in worship!

Inward in Discipleship

You’re not in this alone. In fact, if you remove community from the gospel, it ceases to be the gospel. God created us to be in relationship with others. He created us to be part of a larger family. This is a safe place. This is a safe place to be who you are with all your baggage, complications, and quirks, free of masks and hiding. How can we, as a family, encourage each other and walk with one another in the light if we’re wearing our religious masks, hiding our brokenness, our not-ok-ness? By investing in one another, we can better grow in our relationship with God through confession, studying the scriptures, worship, and living life together.

Austin is diverse. All ranges of the spectrum of background, ages, ethnicities, and cultures are represented in this great city. We want to celebrate this within our church. God’s global family is diverse, and he is creating a new community for us to enjoy him and one another in.

Outward in Missions

We’re not building God’s kingdom. God is building God’s kingdom. We pray that, by the grace of God, we simply could be used in the rapid advancement of the gospel through local, national, and international ministry opportunities. Because we are loved without condition by God, we too, want to love others the same way. This manifests itself in meeting physical, tangible needs, but most importantly, it’s an outward expression of the gospel. This is not because we have anything to offer, because we don’t, it’s because God has everything to offer, and he’s called us to share this great news through missions, evangelism, and discipleship.