This Week @ Great Hills

April 15, 2016

I am grateful to God for the many ways He continues to bless our radiant church as we strive to shine brightly for our Lord. I heard today about one of our college students who invited someone thirteen times to visit our church. That person came to one of our student ministry events and gave her life to Christ. It used to be that it took seven invitations before someone came to church, but now the number is like thirteen. (Thank you, Logan, for your love for Jesus and your persistence!) Church family, let us follow his example by continually investing in people and inviting them to Christ and our church. Just today some of the pastoral staff and I were at lunch. After giving the waitress a generous tip and an invitation card to GHBC, I spoke to her and invited her to visit us. She was so receptive; her face actually lit up when I told her about our church. We have a new shipment of Billy Graham’s updated tract, Steps to Peace with God. I am looking forward to getting me a bunch! Let me encourage you to take a handful and as you go, leave tracts in your tracks as a friend of mine, David Burton, would say.

I am excited to preach the first sermon in our new series on the life of Joseph from Genesis 37:1-4. The forecast is calling for much rain, so you may have to watch from your home on the internet. However, let me encourage you to make the effort to be in attendance. Someone joked, “You know how much rain it takes to keep Baptists from church?” The answer: not much! We are going to have a great day in the Lord. We will start with a call to prayer at the altar. I invite you to join me a couple of minutes before worship starts as we begin with prayer asking God to visit us in power.

Sunday is the last day to sign up for our golf tournament at the beautiful Teravista Golf Club. I have to admit that I am playing on a really good team. Ralph Gonzalez asked me to join his team and I said yes, and well, I like our chances! Seriously, if you are interested in playing, go online and sign up, as there are only a couple of days left to register.

God is indeed on the move all over the world and in our radiant church at Great Hills. Thank you for being the people of God that you are! So many have been incredibly encouraging about the direction and vision of our church and I thank you for being so supportive. I believe the earthly rains are not the only showers that are coming to our church. I believe the Holy Spirit is going to pour out numerous showers of spiritual blessings on us! Amen. Even so, let it rain!

Danny Forshee

Proverbs 14:26-27 In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge. The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, To turn one away from the snares of death