This Week @ Great Hills

April 21, 2017

Hello and greetings from Frankfurt, Germany.  Ashley and I are in Germany serving the Lord and representing GHBC with Andy and Kathy Spencer.  As the Lord would work it out, I have a brief break before our next assignment and therefore have some time to write this update.  We flew out of Austin on Easter Sunday night and had a safe trip to Berlin.  We were given a brief tour of the capital city by Ingo and Capri, a sweet couple serving the Lord as biblical counselors.  We then took a train to Wittenberg, also known as Lutherstadt.  You know you have accomplished much when they name an entire city after you!  Five hundred years ago God greatly blessed and used Martin Luther to be the catalyst for what we know today as the Protestant Reformation.  It was such a blessing for me to spend a day in this historic city taking in so many interesting facts and sights.

We had an eventful train ride to Frankfurt on Wednesday. We were told to get off the train and take a bus.  This was not in our travel plans!  We looked for someone who spoke English and found a lady named Sarah from the USA who helped us go from the bus back to a train so we could continue our journey to Frankfurt.  Thank You, Lord!  After checking into our hotel we hosted a dinner for about 30 pastors and their wives at a local restaurant where we shared words of encouragement with them.  God blessed our evening.

On Thursday we were given an incredibly insightful tour of the city of Frankfurt, one of the most influential cities in all of Europe.  Frankfurt has a population of three million people, but only 3,000 are born-again followers of Christ. (This more than meets the requirements for an Unreached People Group.)  It is a very post-modern and post-Christian city―very affluent, but also much in need of the gospel of Jesus.  We are about to meet with a group of people in the city who are opening their homes and lives to refugees.  We are looking forward to speaking to these who have a heart for this type of ministry.  Tomorrow we will meet with Syrian refugees and those who are discipling them.  Also, tomorrow we will be helping host and minister to about 10 church planters coming from different parts of Germany to learn more of what being a church planter in Frankfurt looks like.

Well, I have caught you up to date.  We still have much planned for the next several days, and I look forward to sharing more with you when I return to the States.

Finny Mathews will be preaching this Sunday.  God always uses him in powerful ways.  Finny is the president of Alpha International Ministries and a dear friend of mine.  He is also one of our strategic ministry partners.  Pray for him and come hear him on Sunday.

Wow, what an Easter Sunday we had at GHBC!  Thank you to so many who worked hard to make this a grand day.   We were blessed to have about 3,000 on our campus.  This included those who worshiped with us at 10:00 and those who came only to the egg drop.  Even our parking lots were full and people had to park across the street!  Please join us in praying for return visits by many of our Easter Sunday guests.

Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you.

Danny Forshee

Acts 17:16-34