This Week @ Great Hills

April 24, 2015

Sunday will be a great day.  It is our ALL IN high attendance day and I am looking forward to both the worship and the fellowship afterward.  One of our church members is graciously providing lunch for everyone.  Thank you, Dallas Hendrix, for your act of generosity!  Our Lead Team of pastors (Terry, Mike, Ross, and I) will be singing a foot-tapping southern gospel song entitled “Getting Ready to Leave This World” in the Great Hall during the lunch.  There will be others singing as well and it should be a fun time.

I am looking forward to preaching a message from Luke 4:18-19 entitled “All In.”  We will look at how Jesus went “all in” to fulfill the Father’s will for His life. Because He did so, He can redeem us and enable us to go “all in” for Him.  Please invite someone to join you Sunday, especially if you know someone who is struggling and needs a message of hope.  Also, on Sunday we will be collecting our benevolence offering; please place your loose change in the Change-Your-World orange buckets at the entrances to our worship center.

On Wednesday night I, along with many other pastors from the great state of Texas, testified in support of House Bill 3567.  Some of the pastors from Houston who had their sermons subpoenaed by the mayor of Houston were among those who testified.  The bill, which was written by Representative Scott Sanford, seeks to add further protection for pastors and their religious liberties.  I am grateful for this piece of legislation since the Supreme Court will begin hearing an important case next week regarding same-sex marriage and will probably make a decision in June.  If the highest court in the land rules to grant constitutional rights to same-sex marriages, there will be a major conflict when a same-sex couple asks a pastor to marry them.  If the pastor objects based on his religious beliefs, will that be enough to prevent him from being penalized by the government?  I agree with Cindy Asmussen (who I introduced to our church last Sunday) that this will be a very intense battle.  Pray for our Supreme Court as they begin hearing arguments for and against same-sex marriages.  I hope I am wrong, but I am concerned that the vote will go against traditional values and give an endorsement to same-sex marriages.  These are interesting days in which we live.  As Ronald Reagan warned years ago, if we do not stand for freedom, then we will be telling our children and grandchildren what it was like when America was free.

See you Sunday; it is going to be a fun day at Great Hills.

Danny Forshee

Philippians 4:13