This Week @ Great Hills

April 25, 2014

What an amazing day God blessed us with on Resurrection Sunday!  Our worship ministry was just off the charts; I mean they did an incredible job of leading us in worship.  Thank you, Terry Hurt and all our committed, gifted worship leaders.  And what a blessing it was to baptize 12 people!  We had so many people here and also had 143 online units join us in cyber world.  That means another 300-400 people worshiped with us on Sunday!  I love being a part of our radiant, growing, unified, and healthy church!

I have to brag on our people for a moment.  On Tuesday many showed up at Seton Hospital to be with the Lemon family as John faced a very difficult surgery.  It was such a blessing to see so many from our church family there for support.  And I watched with joy as our people went up to strangers in the waiting room to encourage them and share Jesus with them.  One of the keys to living a blessed life is to tell others about Jesus, and many of our people have some blessings coming!

On Sunday we will study Revelation 2:12-17, the church at Pergamos, with a message entitled “The Compromising Church.”  This will be the second of a two-part message on this text.  I am looking forward to preaching God’s Word and ask that you pray for me.  Invite someone to join you for worship.  We have many invitation cards available for you to pick up at numerous locations throughout the church.   These cards have the church’s information on one side and the truelife website on the back.

It is neat to see the number of faith-based movies currently on the screens.  There are more coming, like the one produced by Focus on the Family called Irreplaceable.  You can click here for more information on this movie.  Let me encourage you to keep supporting these movies.  Even though you will not agree with everything, I do believe you will agree with and affirm many of the major themes of these movies.

Please mark your calendars for May 3-4.  We are so privileged to have Nik and Ruth Ripken share with and challenge our church family.  They are experts on missions and the persecuted church.  Many of you have read their book, The Insanity of God.  They have recently published another book entitled The Insanity of Obedience.  They are in such demand and we are so blessed to have them come join us and speak to us on Saturday and Sunday, May 3-4.

Have a blessed weekend and see you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Joshua 1:9