This Week @ Great Hills

April 8, 2016

Thank you for your prayers for our team that traveled to South Asia to minister to our Unengaged Unreached People Group.  One grand day we will refer to this people group as both engaged and reached!  God is working and yet there is much work to be done.  Mike Mericle, Ken Farmer, and I were truly blessed to go serve on behalf of our church as we seek to fulfill our Lord’s command to make disciples of all the nations.  Our church’s passion and mission is to be a radiant church that brightly shines the good news of Jesus and His love.  God is blessing and using us to make a difference both in Austin, Texas and all over the world.  I am so proud of the work our Life Bridge ministry is doing through the ESL classes.  We will even start a new Connect Class on Sunday mornings for those we reach in this ministry.  Our work at Jollyville Elementary School continues to go very well, as members from our church help through the literacy reading program, provide meals, and help with campus clean-up projects.  I could list many more ministries we are involved in within our “Jerusalem” like the Love Where you Live—the Art of Neighboring.  I am so proud of our radiant church and your passion to reach both your neighbors and the nations with the gospel.

While in Asia I was able to watch Sunday’s worship service online. It was a blessing to hear the many testimonies of how God spoke to our students.  Thank you to Daniel, all the student ministry staff and the small army of volunteers it took to pull off a fantastic Disciple Now Weekend.  Also, let me say again a hearty thank you to all who helped serve on Easter Sunday.  It was truly a remarkable day with many giving their lives to Christ and others making commitments to grow in their relationship with the Lord.  There were many who signed up to learn how to disciple another person!

I am looking forward to Sunday.  While I was away on the mission trip last week, I felt the Lord impress me to delay the start of the sermon series on the life of Joseph and share a special message with you on a variety of subjects regarding our church.  Our text is Proverbs 29:18 and the title of the sermon is “God Is on the Move.”  I will ask and then give answers to 10 important questions regarding our church.  I encourage you to be present and hear my heart as I share this message.  And it would be a good message to hear for those who are looking for a church home.  One, if not the greatest, challenge in a large and growing church is communication.  We are continuing to work at clearly communicating our vision and purpose as a church and the many ministries and events we sponsor.  Pray for me, please, as I share this message.  We will begin the service a couple of minutes early at the altar for a time of corporate prayer.

I am looking forward to playing in the church golf tournament on May 13 at the Teravista Golf Course.  I have invited a friend of mine who does not attend our church; let me encourage you to do the same.  Use this event as an opportunity to invite your friends so they can get to know the people in our church.  Thank you, Trey McElfish, for putting the tournament together.  We are going to have a great time.

Have a blessed weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Acts 1:8