This Week @ Great Hills

Audio Upgrade

I have been looking forward to this for almost 3 years. We have made significant changes and upgrades to the sound system at Great Hills over the past 3 months. We have lowered the speakers in the PA and placed the subs on the floor. We have replaced both the worship center sound console and the studio console with Soundcraft Vi6 digital boards. The install of the digital system has allowed us to clean up the sound by bypassing the old copper wiring of the old system. And now finally we will finish up the plan by installing a Roland personal monitoring system for musicians on stage. This system will allow people to custom mix their own sound. This has been desperately needed and I am very excited to get it installed next week.

Many of you have given up and beyond the tithe to fund the stage lighting and sound upgrades. Thank you! We could not have made these very necessary upgrades and additions without your gifts! Again…thank you!