This Week @ Great Hills

August 22, 2014

I just cannot thank you enough, church family, for the very kind and gracious birthday gifts you gave to me for my big 5-0 birthday. I am very blessed and want to express my gratitude to you.

We got our sons off to college this week. We are excited for them, but we already miss them. Bryant is a second-semester junior and Leighton is an incoming freshman. They will play tennis for the DBU Patriots, and Ashley and I will go see them as much as we can.

Sundays cannot get here fast enough! God is working in and through our radiant church—lives being saved, discouraged people receiving hope, marriages helped, finances improved, and many other miracles. Sunday I am preaching from Revelation 5:8-11, the wonderful scene of heavenly worship when God the Son takes the scroll from the hand of God the Father. Thunderous praise erupts throughout the universe. What a scene!

See you Sunday. I love you and am honored to preach God’s Word to you and serve as your pastor.

Danny Forshee

2 Corinthians 4:18