This Week @ Great Hills

August 25, 2017

I am reading John Boles biography on Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. It is well-researched and gives a detailed account of Jefferson’s life and the critical epoch of time in which he lived. While a young politician in the state of Virginia, Jefferson began to see troubling signs in the relationship Great Britain had with the colonies. He and his friends could see some foreboding days in the future, so Jefferson called for a day of prayer and fasting in the state of Virginia. The purpose of the fast was “to implore heaven avert from us the evils of civil war, to inspire us with firmness . . . and to turn the hearts of the King and Parliament.” They set aside June 1, 1774, as a day of gathering in the churches in Virginia to pray, fast, and listen to sermons. We all know how this turned out; in just a couple of years Americans declared their independence and then fought to secure it. God certainly shed His grace on us.

At GHBC we are also engaged in a time of prayer and fasting, not for political purposes but for the blessing, favor, growth, and revival of our church. I am seeing and hearing reports of God’s good hand of favor upon us as we seek Him. Our Tuesday noon prayer meetings are going very well. We have had over one hundred people each Tuesday coming to pray. This past Tuesday I asked our people to go out all over our campus and pray. What a beautiful sight to see so many praying for our church. It is not too late for you to participate. We have 23 more days set aside for prayer and fasting. On each of these days you will continue to receive a devotional from our staff prompting you to pray for specific requests during that day. Also, we have three more Tuesdays of prayer and fasting, and meeting at the church at noon.

The last week of our 40 days of prayer and fasting, September 11-16, we will have a 24/7 Scripture reading and personal reflection that we are calling Cleansing the Temple. My desire is to see every member of GHBC sign up for one of these hours. You can sign up by going to the GHBC website ( and clicking on the Cleansing the Temple banner. The deepest desire of my life is for our church to passionately follow Jesus Christ. I am praying for us to be revived and unified, and for God to put away from us the sins of pride, preference, offense, and gossip. I am praying that God will fill our empty pews and that His Holy Spirit move upon us in power when we gather for worship on Sundays. Do it, Lord, for Your great name!

On Sunday we will continue our study, Let’s Build Something. Since January I have been preaching through the Book of Nehemiah, and I am grateful to God for His instruction to us through His Word. The title of my sermon is “Happy Days,” and the text is Nehemiah 12:27-47. Also, on Sunday we will have the Change-Your-World offering for our benevolence ministry.

Finally, please help me with these two requests. First, let us make a greater effort on Sunday mornings to be in the worship center a few minutes before 11:00am, ready to praise God. At 11:00am we currently have one-half the people present that we have by about 11:20. Unless you are helping first-time guests with our First Impressions ministry, please come on in the sanctuary ready to meet God in worship! Second, many of you are stepping up and helping serve in the First Impressions ministry, choir, orchestra, and other places. I am grateful for you. If you are a member of our church and still are not plugged in somewhere to help the church, I ask that you pray about where God would have you minister.

Have a blessed weekend.

Danny Forshee

Proverbs 21:31 “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the LORD.”