This Week @ Great Hills

August 7, 2015

I continue to hear wonderful reports of God’s blessings and how He spoke to you and gave you strength on our day of fasting and prayer on Wednesday.  Thank you to all who were able to participate.  It makes me very hopeful and optimistic for our Building Vision Campaign and for our gathering on Sunday evening at 6:00.  If you are in town on Sunday, please make a strong effort to be here for this special service.  We will have a time of worship, prayer, Scripture reading, confession of sin, and testimonies of praise for the great work God is doing in and through our dear church.  It will not be a time of airing complaints or concerns; rather, just the opposite, a sincere time of seeking the face of God and pouring out our hearts to Him and expressing our total dependence on Him.  To help prepare you for this time, I encourage you to read the following biblical texts: Joel 2:12-17, Proverbs 28:13, 1 John 1:9, 1 Corinthians 1:10, and Matthew 18:19-20.

I am grateful to God for His favor upon our church—yes, even during these hot summer months.  We had a great attendance last Sunday, not including the 223 online viewers. (It is hard to say how many people this includes, as this number 223 only counts the number of units being viewed—computer, iPad, iphone, etc.).  Our worship time Sunday was so powerful.  From Victory in Jesus to I’d Rather Have Jesus to Jesus Son of God, and Lord I Need You—the songs were sung from the heart with young and old, new believers and mature saints all joining in to worship our great God.  I love our multigenerational and multiethnic church.  I truly love how God has unified us and how we are sending out more mission teams and missionaries than ever!  Thank You, Jesus!

Please pray for me as I preach from Revelation 18:9-24 on Sunday morning as we complete our study on religious and commercial Babylon.  I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement as I am preaching through this amazing Book of prophecy.  Many of you are praying fervently for my ministry at GHBC, and I must tell you that I simply could not do it without your prayers and support.

There are many exciting ministries and events coming up, so please scroll down and look at these posted below.  If you have questions, please go to our website or call our church office and let one of our great staff help you.

Finally, please allow me as your servant and pastor to speak to you again about Sunday evening at 6:00.  This service will go longer than usual.  There will be no childcare, and we will have people coming and going at various times.  Please be flexible.  And please, most of all, pray for our dear church as we are at a critical juncture in our 60+ years of existence.  We have enormous potential, but we must have our people step up to financially support our church both in tithes for our budget and in offerings for our mission endeavors and Building Vision, which is our campaign to raise $5 million over the next five years.  We already have $450,000 given or pledged. That is a fantastic start!

Until He Comes,

Danny Forshee