This Week @ Great Hills

December 1, 2017

This Sunday is one of the highlights of the year for me. We will have our annual Missions Sunday and hear of the mighty things God is doing throughout this world and how He is using our church to make a difference in many lives and nations. I will wrap up the morning with a brief sermon on 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (yes, brief, it can be done!). Thank you, Becky Dean, and our Missions Committee for your hard work in making this such a memorable day for our church.

Next Sunday, December 10, we will have our annual special called business meeting to discuss and vote on our 2018 budget. Our Finance Committee and staff have worked very hard to prepare this budget for your approval. Also, during this business meeting, we will vote to change the name of our church back to Great Hills Baptist Church. Due to our vote on February 12, we are technically called the Radiant Church. However, due to some things in and beyond our control, it is necessary for us to vote to change the name back to GHBC. I will explain more at the meeting on Sunday. It is all good!

I love how God continues to bless our church. We have so many wonderful ministries we are supporting. God is using us to bring about eternal changes in people for their good and His glory. As you scroll down to the announcement section in this e-mail, take some time to pray for and attend as many of these activities as you can. Hannah Samplaski and I are looking forward to getting all dressed up and attending the Father-Daughter Cinderella Ball in the Great Hall tonight. I look forward to seeing many dads and grandads with their daughters and granddaughters. In this turbulent time in which we live with so much horrible harassment of women, we will be honoring the special ladies in our lives. What a blessing this will be. Thank you, Sharon Irwin, for planning and organizing this fun night.

I was texting one of our church members this week and shared with him that I am not sure how 2017 will end for GHBC and our finances. I have never been in this position before where we are almost half a million dollars under-given for the year. Part of the deficit, no doubt, is due to us stepping out on faith and planting a church. And I do understand that many people wait until the end of the year to give or catch up in their giving. All I know is we need God in big ways and I am deciding to trust in Him instead of worrying myself sick. Along these lines of giving, many of you have had a banner year with your investment portfolio. Allow me to ask you to prayerfully consider making a stock transfer to bless our church. If you cash out this investment, you will pay around 30 percent in capital gains tax. If you donate this amount to the church, you pay no taxes on these monies! We have people who can help you with this simple and easy transfer. Please let our church accountant, Nate Ingle, know if you are interested and he will connect you with someone to help you.

Have a great weekend. I will see many of you dads tonight!

Onward with Jesus, the King.

Danny Forshee

Isaiah 9:6