This Week @ Great Hills

December 18, 2015

What a great time of the year to share Christ with people, as Christmas is, after all, named for Him and is all about Him.

On Sunday I will preach a message entitled “Watch the Child” from Luke 2:40-52.  I have enjoyed researching and writing this sermon this week and I look forward to sharing it with you.  Invite someone to join you for worship at Great Hills.  God is working in our church. What a blessing it is to see people committing their lives to Christ, following Him in baptism, and growing deeper in their relationship to Christ.

This week I had lunch with a young man in his 30s.  He and his family moved back to Texas from Chicago and they are looking for a church home.  They were driving to visit another church in our area, but took a wrong turn and ended up at Great Hills.  They have been coming back ever since and said they strongly believe this is the church they are to call their church home.  It is so cool when God does things like this.

Some of you were present at our business meeting after church last week as we approved the 2016 budget and I gave an update on the ground lease and subsequent sale of the corner lot.  The good news is that if this goes through, we will then be completely debt-free in 2020!  That will be a wonderful blessing and a miracle from God.  The bad news is that we continue to fall way behind in giving to budget and will need a remarkable end-of-year giving to make up our deficit.  Our fixed expenses at GHBC are very high.  For example, it takes almost $15,000 a week—not month, but week— to pay for our church debt.  A deacon recently told me that I did not create the hole, but I do get to fill it.  He’s right and I take this very seriously. My aim is to help our church get on good financial footing.  All monies given before midnight December 31 will help us catch up.  So many of you are incredibly faithful in your giving to budget, Building Vision, and missions.  I cannot thank you enough!

Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you Sunday and again at our Christmas Eve service at 5:00pm.

Danny Forshee

Luke 2:52