This Week @ Great Hills

Family Ministry Reflections

Debbie and I have been adjusting to the “empty nest syndrome” for 4 or 5 years.  There are many things we miss about not having the kids around but among the top is not doing ministry and worship together.  We love having Katie involved in the GH worship ministry.  But once upon a time we were a family that served in ministry together.

Josh, our oldest who lives in Nashville, was on staff at First Lavaca, our former church.  He did video production, social medias, website, stage and lighting design, marketing and whatever else that was going on.  He also was my drummer.  We worked closely together everyday and led worship together.  I miss not having him around.  Those ministry days were some of my favorite days and years.  Today Josh is growing his own media design company, Doxicology, and attends South City Church in Nashville.  South City is a new church plant from Immanuel Church in Nashville, and Josh has been very involved with the plant.

Drew, our son-in-law, was the student pastor at First Lavaca.  He also played guitar in the band and often shared worship leading roles with me.  He is presently a M.Div student at Southwestern Seminary in Ft Worth and the Life Stage 1 worship pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Ft Worth.

Debbie, Emily and Katie were in the Lavaca Worship choir.  Emily and Katie were both on the praise team and were very involved in sharing leadership roles in worship.  Today, Emily is married to Drew and is a dental hygienist in Ft Worth.  Katie is teaching 2nd grade at Round Rock Christian Academy.

One of the greatest blessings and joys of my life has been doing and leading worship with my family.  I loved leading them in worship and teaching them about lifestyle worship.

Last Wed night Debbie, Katie and I had the privilege of attending the Exalt service that Drew and Emily were leading at Christ Chapel for high school and college students.  What a great time of worship!  It was the first time we had worshipped under their leadership.  It was a very surreal moment for me.  I couldn’t help but think back through the years that I had led them.  The memories were so thick you could almost swat them like flies.  But while I was thinking back through their growing up and development I was watching them lead with passion and excellence.  From a technical perspective it was amazing.  The band was awesome.  The vocals from Drew and Emily were incredible.  But more importantly, their hearts for God and their relationship with Jesus was the foundation from which they sang, played and led the group of impressionable students.

Debbie and I are blessed and very grateful that our kids are involved in a local church.  Each serving with their strengths, talents and with the gifts God has given them.  So blessed!