This Week @ Great Hills

February 12, 2016

Our vision and passion at GHBC is to be a radiant church that shines brightly for our Lord Jesus.  We become radiant when we glorify God in all we do, grow in Christ by studying the Scriptures, and share our faith with the nations as well as our neighbors.  In short, in order to be a radiant church we will need to make disciples who will go and make more disciples until Jesus comes again!  I am blessed to be able to help lead GHBC to accomplish this attainable goal of radiance.  I love our church and all that God is doing in us and through us.

I was speaking to Pastor James Tisdel this week and we both agreed that our church is experiencing a revival—a special touch of God.  People are surrendering their lives to Christ and being saved, many want to unite with our church family, and others feel called of God to serve Him in vocational ministry.  The Holy Spirit is moving in our worship services, and what a joy to see the many ways God is blessing our church with unity, passion, compassion, and growth.  Thank You Lord!  I saw on Facebook where someone had posted a picture of four of our church members who were serving as judges for a science fair at Jollyville Elementary School.  Thank you Great Hills for loving your neighbors by ministering and serving them in the name of Jesus.

You have perhaps seen the billboards or heard on the radio the news about Love Where You Live—the Art of Neighboring.  This is a central Texas initiative where many churches love God and their neighbors in tangible ways.  I am so glad that our church is participating in this praiseworthy endeavor.   The mom and three children I wrote about last week (the family I helped with car trouble) have attended Great Hills the last two Wednesday nights and have participated in several ministries!  God is so good to us to give us opportunities to love Him and one another.  Sometimes all it takes is a walk toward someone instead of away from them.

Can you help me get the word out that our next new member class, church@greathills, is Sunday, February 21, immediately after the worship service?  God is drawing many guests to our church, and I ask that you please help us by inviting them to join us for this class.  We will serve a free lunch and then I will teach about what it means to be a part of GHBC.

The Student Ministry is asking for help for their Disciple Now Weekend 2016 on April 1-3. They need five or six homes for the students to stay in for two nights. If you are interested, please contact Daniel VanCleave, our Student Pastor.

I believe Sunday is going to be another mighty day for our church.  Please arrive in the worship center a few minutes before 11:00am for a time of prayer and seeking the favor and hand of God upon our church.  What God is doing in our midst reminds me of the old song that says, “The presence of the Lord is here, I feel it in the atmosphere.”

Take a moment to scroll down to see the announcements and opportunities for ministry.

Have a blessed weekend.

Danny Forshee

Romans 15:13