This Week @ Great Hills

February 13, 2015

I am looking forward to Sunday as we gather for Bible Study at 9:30am and worship at 11:00am.  We will observe the Lord’s Supper which is always a wonderful time of worship.  I will share briefly before we observe the elements. Our new Young Adult Pastor, Stuart Smithson, will give his testimony.  Stu and his wife, Sarah, will also be speaking to all of our young adult classes during Bible Life in Building C.  The Smithsons have three children—Emily, age 13; Caroline, age 10; and Cooper, age 5—and come to us from Virginia.  I have known this wonderful family since 2007, and I believe God will use them powerfully to minister to and help mobilize our young adults at Great Hills.  We have prayed for a long time and God has heard our prayers and sent us the family He wants to serve with us.

Bud Bruner has shared with me that our senior adults are planning a wonderful trip to Branson, Missouri, for the Spring Jubilee in April.  They will hear speakers like Mike Huckabee, Johnny Hunt, and Mark Lowery, and they will also be able to enjoy four shows including Jonah.  This Sunday is the deadline to sign up.  If you would like to join them please see Bud or Mildred Bruner, or Ross Hartsfield for more information.

God is blessing our Preschool and Children’s Ministry and we are so very grateful for all that Teresa, Jennifer, Teal, and all our volunteers do to make our Radiant Kids Ministry just amazing. One area I would like for you to pray about helping us with is children’s worship. If we had enough volunteers, we could offer this ministry every week instead of once a month. Our trial run last month went wonderfully and the kids loved it. Please pray about serving in this vital ministry. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Angle at

On a personal note, I will be running in my first half marathon this weekend and ask for your prayers for good health.  I have been training for my first triathlon in the spring.  I feel great and am looking forward to the challenge.  At this point, my goal is to finish the race with no injuries!

I love what God is doing in our radiant church.  We had 21 people join our church on Sunday!  The Day family joined and shared their story of how they came to Great Hills.  They felt so welcomed by those in their Bible Life class.  They told how they were loved on, invited to meals, and even to the home of one of our couples.  What a blessed testimony; it makes me so proud of our people.  Let me encourage you to be looking out for those many guests God sends to us every weekend. Take the time to reach out and invest in their lives and invite them to join you for a meal or for coffee.

See you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Joshua 1:9