This Week @ Great Hills

January 23, 2015

Sitting here at Corner Bakery and watching the rainfall and grateful to God for the wet and even the cold weather.  Just as the sunshine will follow the rain, so God will bless and honor His people after days of trial and hardship.  Serving as a pastor brings you up close to much hurt in people’s lives—grief, despair, hopelessness, divorce, unfaithfulness, deep searching, disappointment, depression, and the list goes on and on.  We live in a fallen world that needs hope.  Maybe you are reading this and saying, “I need hope.”  Jesus gives us hope; in fact, His is the only hope that does not disappoint.  People, family, Christians, churches, and every other person and institution will disappoint, but Jesus never fails.

On Sunday we will continue our study in Revelation 10 and find once again that though this world is chaotic and bent on destruction, God still reigns.  He is in control, and as our reigning Monarch, He guides the course of the world and will bring all into subjection to His Lordship.  If you know Christ, then rest assured you are on the winning team.  He who died on the cross and rose again will come again and make all things right.  What amazing hope!

We are an energetic church actively pursuing Jesus and being a radiant church in a dark world.  We will receive our monthly offering for benevolence on Sunday, so please bring your coins and dollar bills as we help many in our church.

Finally, will you join me in praying for GHBC to reach more people with the gospel and to disciple and keep those He sends?  It still astounds me that 110 people move to Austin everyday—3,410 people a month.  All of these newcomers need Jesus and they need a church home that will love them and provide them opportunities to serve and use their spiritual gifts.

Onward with Jesus,

Danny Forshee

Isaiah 54:17