This Week @ Great Hills

January 29, 2016

I am looking forward to worship on Sunday at GHBC.  Let me ask you to please help us by getting out of your Connect Class in time to make it to the worship center a few minutes before 11:00am.  We will begin our worship service with a call to prayer. I will ask all our staff, deacons, Connect Group leadership, and other church leaders to come to the altar and join me for a time of prayer as we commit our hearts to worship and invite the Lord to visit us in power.  May God invade us with His light, grace, and love as we corporately enter into a time of prayer and worship.  Pray for the service and invite others to join you.  I am preaching a message entitled “Belief or Unbelief” based on Luke 4:16-30.  God is moving and is drawing many new people to our church, which is exciting.  However, we have started the year very slowly in our finances.  Each week, take a look at the back of your worship guide where you will see the offering amount collected the week before.  We have to have $60,000 a week to pay our bills.  Our offerings have been in the $40,000 range each week, and as a result we have created quite a deficit after having closed 2015 so strongly.  As we stated in our church business meeting, the years 2016 and 2017 will be crucial.  In 2018 there is a good possibility that we will see some relief from the ground lease of the corner piece of property.  So allow me to ask that you please pray and consistently give so we can continue to serve Jesus and minister to our community and beyond.

It was a blessing to go into 78759 and reach out to our neighbors.  A team of us went door-to-door Tuesday evening. The Holy Spirit surely went before us and gave us great opportunities to let people know that GHBC cares for them and that we are here to serve them.  One lady thought we were with the Clinton or Trump teams and was relieved to find out we were not!  People are much more open than we realize to spiritual conversations and an invitation to attend our church.  Let me encourage you to love your neighbors, reach out to them, seek ways to invest in people, and invite them to join you in attending GHBC.

There are many exciting ministries happening in and though our church.  Take a look at the announcements below. If you have questions, check out our church website or feel free to call the church office.

Again, if you are a deacon, Connect Group Leader or staff member, please help me in encouraging our people to arrive a couple of minutes before 11:00am this Sunday as we begin our service with a time of prayer and seeking the Lord.  Thank you, and see you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Matthew 21:13