This Week @ Great Hills

January 6, 2017

I hope you were able to enjoy some time with your loved ones over the Christmas break.  Ashley and I enjoyed a nice time in Orange Beach, Alabama, with our family.  Eleven of us shared a condo; we all got along great and really had a blessed time.  I did learn a valuable lesson on Saturday of last week.  Do not run 10 miles in 100% humidity without proper hydration.  You would think I would have known better, but I did not.  Lesson learned!

On Sunday I will have completed a week-long time of prayer and fasting for our church, and I look forward to being with you and sharing what I believe the Lord would have us do in 2017.  In our annual State of the Church Message, we will look back on the previous year as well as look ahead to 2017.  Also, I will elaborate upon what our vision is as a church–to be a radiant church that makes disciples.  This week I have shared some of the financial news with our staff, deacons and finance committee, and on Sunday I will share the information to the church as a whole.  I hope you will be present on Sunday to hear first-hand the miracles God has performed.  Amazing.  Thank You Jesus!

I feel some of you reading this newsletter article may need a word of encouragement and so let me share with you something the Lord has shown me just this week.  Don’t underestimate what a big God can do with small acts of obedience.  One of our church members shared her story with me about a good friend of hers who lives in the Philippines and watches our worship services on Vimeo.  He joined us in our messages on the life of Joseph that we studied last year.  He said God spoke to him and encouraged him greatly.  As a result he shared Christ with a lady online in Malaysia and she accepted Christ as her Savior.  This lady immediately shared her story with her friend in Italy.  That is as far as I know of the story, but isn’t it remarkable how God can take our radiant church and use us to help make disciples who in turn go and make more disciples of Jesus Christ around the world!

Thank you, church family, for your prayers for me as I seek the Lord for our church and for the ministry to which God has called me―to be a disciple-maker and to lead us to be a radiant,

Jesus-loving, Satan-fighting, disciple-making church.  Our call and mission are certainly not for the faint of heart, so if you would continue to pray for me and all our staff and leadership, I would be most appreciative.

Danny Forshee

1 Corinthians 2:9