This Week @ Great Hills

July 11, 2014

Many of you are plugged into social media—Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Today I read Erica Villarreal’s Facebook post which stated, “I absolutely love, love, love, LOVE my GHBC family…LOVE!!” Some reading this may say, “Well, I am too old to do that kind of stuff.” But I disagree. Winn Pinkston is 93 years young and he posts on Facebook! If you use these media outlets, let me encourage you to do what Erica did and post positive news and upcoming events about Great Hills Baptist Church. It is free advertising and people do indeed read your posts and tweets and view your Instagram photos.

It is hard to capture in a brief newsletter all the grand things God is doing in and through our radiant church. Last Sunday we had one of the largest crowds and best offerings we have had all year. We baptized six people (and three more are scheduled for this Sunday). All this in the dead of summer when churches normally just get by and hang on until fall! God is at work and I am so grateful. Thank you for being the church. Thank you for showing up for worship and Bible study on Sundays. Thank you for sharing your faith. Thank you for giving your tithes and offerings. Thank you for praying. Thank you for encouraging one another.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Katie Hurt and Jeff Jack are getting married on Saturday. On Sunday—well, I believe it is going to be a big day! Mike Heard will lead us in worshipping our great God in the song, “We Believe.” Terry Hurt and his son-in-law, Drew Hill, are singing a duet (Josh Hurt playing drums), and my son Leighton is singing a Mercy Me song. Jana Morris will sing “Oceans.” I am preaching from Revelation 3:11-13 on the faithful church at Philadelphia. We will commission over 50 students to go on mission next week in San Antonio.

As CS Lewis might say, “Aslan is on the move!”

See you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Jeremiah 39:18 (Ebed-Melech was a man of faith and action and God blessed him!)