This Week @ Great Hills

July 24, 2015

God blessed us last Sunday as each person who completed our new member class joined our church—all 29 of them!  We will be presenting these newest GHBC members to you by introducing them over the next few weeks.  It is a blessing to see how God is working in Great Hills and even more exciting to see how He is working through Great Hills!  God is making Sea-of-Galilee followers of Christ—they are those who receive and also give.  The Dead Sea only receives, but has no outflow and therefore nothing lives in the Dead Sea.  Speaking of these bodies of water, our dates for the Israel Trip are June 27-July 5, 2016.  We will be receiving more information that we will pass on to all who are interested in going with us to see the Holy Land.  One of my favorite parts is seeing the various bodies of water in Israel.

On Wednesday, August 5, I invite all GHBC members to join me in fasting either part of or the full day as we seek the Lord for His favor and blessings upon our Building Vision campaign to raise $5 million above our regular tithes and offerings.  These monies will be used to make some much needed repairs and improvements on our church campus and also to completely pay off our remaining debt.  I believe it is most doable, but it will take all of us giving generously and sacrificially.  Fasting is mentioned frequently in the Scriptures.  God honors fasting that is done with a pure heart and motivations.  I encourage you to join us. Use the time you would normally prepare and eat a meal to spend time alone with God praying for your church.  During the day when you get hungry allow those hunger pains to prompt you to stop and pray.

Also, please plan to attend the special prayer, praise and testimony service on Sunday, August 9, at 6:00pm in the worship center.  This will be a time of celebration, confession, and intercession.  I look forward to this evening and wish every member of our church family could come and participate.

This Sunday we will study Revelation 17:7-18. The title of the sermon is “The Destruction of Religious Babylon.”  I must commend you for your steadfastness to study with me and listen to these sermons.  I know they are intense, but it is truly a blessing and privilege to teach verse by verse through this wonderful book.

Please keep praying for many of our people as they are currently on short-term mission trips in North Africa; Ukraine; Burbank, California; and Arlington, Texas.  What a blessing to see so many from our fellowship go and be the radiant church in numerous places.

Danny Forshee

2 Timothy 1:7