This Week @ Great Hills

July 25, 2014

What interesting days in which we live. Like so many of you, I am watching with much interest the crisis events all over the world. It is heartbreaking to hear of the 298 people murdered on Flight 17 which was shot down over eastern Ukraine. There is an international outcry over this tragedy and the nations of the world are looking for an answer from Russia’s President Putin. Israel and Gaza continue their bloody fight. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem as Scripture commands us (Psalm 122:6), and I pray for a peaceful resolution in this battle. The crisis at the Texas border continues with no real solution in sight. We have both an immigration and refugee problem on our Texas borders. Our immigration policy is broken at best and nonexistent at worst. I encourage you to watch a six-minute video of an interview with Dr. Russell Moore, president of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in Washington, DC. You help pay his salary, by the way, with our contributions to the Cooperative Program. I have a lot of respect for him as he addresses this very difficult situation in south Texas. Click here to view the video.

God continues to pour out His favor upon GHBC. We are having an amazing summer of ministry, evangelism, and worship. Wednesday night there were nearly 100 people at Elevate, our student ministry. The students shared testimonies about their recent mission trip to San Antonio where God used our Great Hills students in powerful ways. I am so proud of them and their love for Jesus. Also, on Wednesday evening, we had about 20 people listen to Rob and Jamie share the work they are doing in North Africa. What a wonderful work God is doing through them.

God is moving in our church! Our time goes so quickly on Sundays as we gather to worship our great God, preach His Word, and fellowship with each other. We are fulfilling our vision of being a radiant church, a church that worships Jesus with passion on Sunday and every other day of the week, teaches the Scriptures, and bears witness for Christ in our city and around the world. I pray God keeps His hand of favor on us and we continue to grow and poke holes in the darkness.

On Sunday we will continue our study in Revelation as we look at the lukewarm church at Laodicea in chapter 3:14-22. Our focus will be on verses 18-22. Please pray for me as I preach the Word of God. Pray that God protects our church and that the Holy Spirit continues to move in power. Also, on Sunday we will collect change for our benevolence ministry. Please bring some change and dollar bills to drop in the orange buckets that will be located at the entrances to the worship center. Immediately after the worship service we will have our new member class, church@greathills. If you know someone interested in becoming a part of our church family, encourage them to attend this lunch and meeting. I will teach for about 30 minutes, and we will have decision counselors at each table who will speak with each person who attends.

I am currently writing my third book and ask for your prayers for me, as it is tedious work! I have completed nearly all the manuscript, so now comes the editing process. The title of the book is Modern Family-Vintage Values. Satan hates anything that God loves. God loves His church and the family, and the enemy is doing all he can to hurt both. My life is given to supporting and encouraging both the church and the family. Again, I do ask for your prayers, as the spiritual battles are intense. God is at work, and one of the ways I know this is that the enemy is hard at work as well.

Have a blessed weekend and see you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

1 John 4:4