This Week @ Great Hills

June 16, 2017

What a great week God has given us at GHBC as we have had a fantastic Vacation Bible School.  Each day we have had over 800 preschoolers, grade school children, and volunteers.  God is working and many are surrendering their lives to Christ.

I am so proud of our church family–radiant, welcoming, and committed to helping people know Jesus. Let me ask you a question–If you were God, to which church would you send people?  Church A is prepared to welcome believers and unbelievers alike.  They have people in the parking lots waiting for your arrival and once you enter the church building, friendly and smiling faces are waiting to help you get to where you are going.  The Bible classes are excited to have you there; the leaders teach God’s Word and everyone makes you feel welcome.  The worship services are alive with heartfelt praise and worship, and the pastor clearly teaches God’s Word.  Church B is just the opposite of Church A.  No one is there to greet you when you arrive.  Those who are supposed to greet are catching up with their church friends and don’t have time for the guests.  The Bible classes are cliques and you feel very much the outsider that you are.  The worship services are boring and predictable, and when the service is over no one speaks to you as they are too busy heading for the exits.  If you were God, where would you send people?   Well, the answer is quite obvious–Church A.

Let me ask you another question.  Let us say you were the devil.  Which of the following churches would get your attention and cause you to attack?  Church A is a church in name but they are really just going through the motions of being a church.  When the Bible is mentioned in Bible studies or in corporate worship, it is merely referenced with no time dedicated to teaching the Bible or helping people understand it.  The baptistry has bugs and cobwebs in it because it never gets used.  The people are only concerned with the church meeting their needs and they have zero desire to reach their city or the nations of the world with the gospel.  Church B is just the opposite of Church A.  The pastor and staff and all the leadership are deeply committed to teaching God’s Word and making disciples.  The people have a heart for the lost, and the baptistry is always getting used because so many are coming to faith in Christ thorough the faithful witness of the church members.  The church loves to plant other churches and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  Now if you were the devil, which church would you attack? Pretty obvious it would be Church B.

God has been so good to me and allowed me to pray and fast all week for our church and other special requests He has put on my heart.  I look forward to preaching a message this Sunday to all men, and especially our dads, as we will be honoring them on Father’s Day.  We will go back to chapter one of Nehemiah and look again at verse four.  It has so much to teach us.  Pray for Sunday!  Ask God to draw many people to Himself and pray that we would be a church alive and ready to receive all those God sends to us.

I am grateful to God for the seven years He has granted me to serve you at GHBC.  Please pray for me and all our pastoral staff that we would be found faithful to God in exercising our calling to equip you, the saints, for the work of ministry.  Ask God to give us holy boldness to lead well.  I plead with you to pray for us that we would not succumb to the demons of pride and offense, but that we would storm the gates of hell with hot hearts declaring the salvation of Jesus.

May God bless you richly this weekend.  If you are anywhere near Austin on Sunday, make your way to GHBC and help us be the church God favors and the one that Satan hates.

Danny Forshee

John 11:40 – Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”