This Week @ Great Hills

June 20, 2014

Thank you for your help in distributing VBS door hangers and inviting our neighbors in the 78759 zip code to attend our VBS. Doug Peterson and I spent a couple of hours placing the door hangers and we had a blessed time. One guy, however, was not too happy with us and told us to take our trash with us! Seldom do you have someone who is rude, but it should never deter us from getting the word out about Jesus and our church. VBS is going to be fantastic. Many have preregistered and many of you have signed up to help. I am grateful for all the work that Teresa Smith, Jennifer Angle, and Kristin Miller have put forth in this worthy cause. When you see them let them know how much you appreciate them and ask if they need any help.

God is working in our church and I am grateful. Many lives are being touched and changed by the power of the gospel. I have been thinking much about the following statement–if GHBC were to close her doors tomorrow, would anyone in our community miss us? What difference are we making in people’s lives? I am grateful for how our church is reaching out to people in our neighborhood and all over the city of Austin. The number one characteristic of churches that are in decline is that they turn inward and neglect Jesus’ commands to go and make disciples. As radiant followers of Jesus let us continue to worship Him daily, disciple others in the Scriptures, and tell the world about the Savior.

I am looking forward to sharing a message with you entitled “The Faithful Church,” based on Jesus’ words to the church at Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-9. Only the church at Philadelphia and Smyrna did not receive reprimands from our Lord. Come Sunday and let us study together why this was the case. I love God’s Word and to be able to preach it verse by verse is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Four years ago today God led me to serve as pastor at GHBC. I hope to finish my ministry here serving Jesus, you the radiant church at Great Hills, and the lost of this city. With 1500 pastors every month calling it quits, I sincerely ask for your continued prayers for my family and me. I do not want to burn out, rust out, fade out, or pass out! I do however want to max out in my service to Christ and His church until He takes me home or comes back. Pray for me please that I will hear God and do what He tells me and lead with integrity.

One more thing–starting Wednesday, June 25, at 6:30 pm CST, we will be broadcasting my sermons preached here at Great Hills on The Church Channel. Most cable stations carry this channel. The messages can be seen by up to two billion people worldwide through various media outlets and I am very honored that God has brought this to fruition. Please tell your neighbors and friends that they can watch us as we are on most cable outlets in Austin.

See you Sunday. Jesus is Lord.

Danny Forshee

Romans 10:9