This Week @ Great Hills

June 3, 2016

In just a few weeks (June 20-24) we will kick off another fantastic VBS. The theme this year is Submerged: Finding Truth Beneath the Surface – Psalm 139:23-24. It will be a great time for the children in our church and community.  VBS will finish Sunday June 26, with our Family Celebration Sunday. The children will sing some of the songs they learned in VBS and I will bring a gospel message for the many unchurched guests who will be present.  VBS is one of our greatest outreach ministries to our community. We already have close to 400 children preregistered and our mailer has not even gone out yet!  All of this is good news; however, the not-so-good news is that we are in need of many more GHBC members to step up and volunteer to serve.  Here is the list of needs remaining:

  • 1 second grade director
  • 9 teachers (grades 1, 2 or 3)
  • 1 person to help with registration (8:30-9:30 each day)
  • 15 people to check in children (again only needed from 8:30-9:30 each day)

If interested in helping, please contact Teresa Smith, Sharon Irwin, or Teal Neighbors.  These ladies have been working so hard preparing for our 2016 VBS, and they would be happy to share with you how you can help impact a child’s life for eternity.

On Sunday during Connect Group I will begin a four-part series of lessons on Making Disciples. This class will meet in the choir room from 9:30 to10:30am. The first lesson is a new evangelism tool I have written called “The 5 Crosses.”  It is a simple and easy-to-remember gospel presentation that you can draw on a piece of paper, napkin, etc.  If I can draw the necessary components, I know anybody can!  The majority of this four-week class will focus on how to obey Jesus’ Great Commission when He instructed us to teach disciples all the things He has commanded.  One of our core values of being a Radiant Church is to shine outwardly in evangelism and missions.  This class will enable you to truly make disciples.  Please be prompt, and bring a notebook and pen. I will see you in the choir room in Building B (upstairs above the church offices) this Sunday.

We are having good conversations communicating the importance and viability of changing the name of our church to The Radiant Church.  Please speak to one of your pastoral staff if you have questions or concerns.  We will continue to move slowly and eventually have a business meeting to approve the change with a congregational vote of affirmation.

We are getting closer to reaching our $1.2 million goal in Phase 1 of Building Vision. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving your tithes and offerings to our church so we can accomplish the ministry God has assigned us.  You will be seeing signs of remodeling and construction in the next few days and weeks.  The ground lease of our corner lot continues unabated with Greystar Corporation, and there is a possibility that they will begin construction around the first of the year.  Please pray that this massive undertaking comes to fruition.  If all goes according to plan, in the year 2020 our radiant church will be a completely debt-free church with a $1.5 million surplus in the bank.

See you Sunday as we worship the Lord and continue our study on the life of Joseph.  We will look at Genesis 40 in a sermon entitled “Forgotten Yet Faithful.”

Danny Forshee

Philippians 3:12