This Week @ Great Hills

March 21, 2014

We will continue our study in the great book of Revelation on Sunday morning.  This week we will look into the persecuted church at Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11).  Since the time of Christ, His people have suffered at the hands of those who do not believe in Jesus.  Many of our brothers and sisters in places like North Korea and Somalia are suffering for the cause of Christ.  Take a look at the Open Door website for a better understanding of the persecution of Christians that is happening in our world.  Related to this, we are so blessed to have Nik and Ruth Ripken coming to our church on May 3-4.  Nik is the author of the outstanding books, The Insanity of God and The Insanity of Obedience.  He has traveled all over the world and studied how Christians react to persecution.  This will be a powerful weekend for our church.

Immediately after the worship service on Sunday, our Radiant Kids Ministry is hosting a time of excellent training and encouragement for all who are currently teaching or interested in teaching in our children’s Bible Life classes.  Dr. Karen Kennemur of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will lead this creative seminar.  The training is free and lunch is provided. The training will be in the Radiant Kids Worship Room located on the second floor in Building C.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Laura at

Mark your calendars for a church-wide conference on Sunday, April 13, when GHBC will partner with Ministry Safe to provide safety and awareness training immediately following the worship service.  You will hear more about this in the upcoming weeks, but I want everyone to know they are invited and encouraged to attend.  This training session is open to everyone.  Lunch will be provided. No registration is required to attend.  However, you do need to sign up online for lunch.  KidsKare will be provided, but registration is required.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Laura at  Just this past Sunday, two men who were very inebriated walked into the worship service and caused a distraction.  Our security team dealt with them with both kindness and firmness.  I appreciate our guys so much as they take the safety of all our people most seriously.  Unfortunately, in our day and time, all of us need to be very aware of our surroundings, yes even in church.  Since 1990, over 460 people have been killed on church or faith-based property.  The training will highlight the importance of protecting our children, but again, everyone is encouraged to attend, as I believe it will be beneficial for all.

I hear great stories of our people reaching out and investing in those who need the Lord.  I encourage you to keep up the good work and invite people to Jesus and to our church family at Great Hills Baptist Church.  People are hurting and they need the Lord.  You could be the one who brings them to Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers, especially as I preach on the book of Revelation.  Satan surely hates for preachers to preach on the Book that describes his ruin.  I do appreciate your prayers for my family and me.

See you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

Proverbs 19:23