This Week @ Great Hills

May 1, 2015

God blessed our ALL IN Sunday; we had a great morning and sweet fellowship after the service.  I want to thank Dallas Hendrix for generously providing lunch for everyone!  Also, thank you to Cindy West and all her volunteers who worked so hard to make ALL IN a wonderful day for our church family.  I just love our church and what God is doing here.

Many are following with keen interest the case that is currently before the Supreme Court that will decide if same-sex marriages are protected by the Constitution.  Should they make that decision, it could have dire consequences for churches and for pastors like me.  I have been to the State Capitol twice to testify for legislation related to clergy protection.  I was unable to testify yesterday because the Senate declined to hear testimonies, but they should hear them on Monday.  Take a minute to read this article by Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

Sunday we will have a great day.  I wish it were tomorrow!  Our Radiant Kids Choirs will sing in the morning worship. On Sunday evening at 6:00 they will present the musical Nic at Night, which is based on the story of Nicodemus.

Sunday morning I am preaching a message entitled “One Last Call to Salvation,” based on Revelation 13:6-13.  This is a powerful text.  I ask that you please pray that I would accurately handle the Word of God and not have any timidity or trepidation, but would stand and boldly proclaim the Word of God.

On Wednesday I attended a two-hour prayer meeting at Hyde Park Baptist Church with pastors and other Christ-followers from all over our city.  During the prayer service the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about our church.  He impressed upon me three things that we must be about—pray, share, and celebrate.  We need to develop a culture of prayer; we must focus more on sharing the gospel, and we need to celebrate more the wonderful stories of what God is doing at GHBC.  That is the message God gave me.  I ask that you take it to heart and live it out with me.  I know many in our church are praying and sharing Jesus, and I thank you.  But I want all of us to do this!

There are several other vitally important things I should mention, like our upcoming VBS leadership training on Saturday, our church@greathills new member class immediately following our morning worship service this Sunday, and the National Day of Prayer on Wednesday, May 7.  One item I must elaborate on is security.  Not to alarm you, but our church continues to have people rob us and create uncomfortable situations not only during the week but also on Sundays.  Yes, you read that correctly—the audacity of those who would rob the house of God, but they do. We are tightening up security on our campus 24/7.  You will begin to notice some changes such as many locked doors.  Please keep in mind that this mild inconvenience is for our protection.  We will share more about this in the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to mention this to you so you are informed and can help us protect our property.

Have a blessed weekend.

Danny Forshee

Galatians 6:9-10