This Week @ Great Hills

May 16, 2014

Wednesday night at Great Hills was a happening place. There were many exciting ministries taking place including the AWANA Awards Night and the Open House for the Elevate Student Ministry. I am grateful to God for all the good things He is doing in our church family. I posted some photos of the Wednesday night events on my Facebook page. If you follow me, you can easily find them.

What a blessing this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, was at Great Hills. Many have commented on how they were encouraged and uplifted through the worship. And what a wonderful time we had in dedicating these precious babies and children to our Lord—Greyson Braune, Elijah Cheney, Witten Cotton, Amelia Crites, Audrey Crites, Cason Hatch, Jackson Lindsay, Zoey Lowery, Avery Pearce, and Kevin Ramos.

This Sunday I am very much looking forward to getting back into our study in the wonderful Book of Revelation. We will look at the church in the city of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-21. Please pray that God would speak to us through His awesome Word and that we would have ears to hear and hearts to obey. At the close of the service I will share some important safety information with you. We have received no threats and we do not know of any danger; this brief presentation is strictly for preparation purposes.

Finally, people frequently ask me how they can pray for me. I appreciate this so much and I usually ask for the same thing—God’s wisdom as the under-shepherd of GHBC. I am thrilled at how God is blessing and moving in our growing church. This Sunday we are having another new member class immediately following the worship service. I do ask for your prayers as I have prayed and fasted over a couple of very important matters that I am seeking the Lord for continuously.

I love you, church family, and am honored to serve you.

Danny Forshee

James 1:5