This Week @ Great Hills

May 20, 2016

As I type this article I am listening to the rain fall, and I am reminded of Ryan Stevenson’s new song, “Eye of the Storm.”  The song states, “In the eye of the storm, You remain in control, and in the middle of the war, You guard my soul; You alone are the anchor when my sails are torn; Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm.”  Be encouraged today by the powerful and comforting truth that God loves you and He is with you even in the worst of times when you are in the midst of a storm.  God is faithful; He will perfect you through the storm and bring you out even stronger.  He is a gracious and loving God who cares for His children.

On Sunday, we will recognize all of our Great Hills high school and college graduates. Take a moment when you see these graduates at church to encourage them as they journey to the next phase of their lives.  Daniel VanCleave, our Student Pastor, will give a charge to these graduating seniors, and our student ministry will lead in worship.  It will be a good day for our multigenerational, radiant church.  Ashley and I will miss you this Sunday as we will be away celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and her 50th birthday.  (Our wedding anniversary is August 2 and her birthday is May 29.)  The timing of this trip is excellent as it will give a little respite from all things wedding!  Hannah and Jeffrey’s wedding on July 2 is coming and I mean fast.  I am so excited for them and grateful to God for how He brought them together and for their commitment to love and serve Jesus together.

Last week, I wrote about our Building Vision campaign where our goal is to raise $5 million in five years to help get us get out of debt and make some much-needed repairs and remodels to our campus. On Sunday, take a look at the back of your worship guide and notice the thermometer which will be updated each week as to where we are in our goal of raising $1.2 million, the amount needed to complete Phase 1.  We are about $300,000 shy of our goal.  I am so grateful to God for you as you continue to give sacrificially not only to our budget, but also to Building Vision and our missions offering.  Within a few weeks you should see some work being done on our campus with the new coffee shop and flooring.  Exciting days!

We had a very good meeting this week regarding the ground lease and subsequent sale of our corner lot.  The process is going very well and there is a possibility that Greystar will begin construction of their apartment building the first of 2017.  Please keep in mind that this will be a large, beautifully-built building and will house many people within a stone’s throw of our church.  Part of this project will infringe upon our Garden of Hope, but Greystar has agreed to build a new Garden of Hope that will be closer to our building.  Also, please keep in mind that if all this goes through, GHBC will be completely debt-free in 2020.   To be able to stay at our current location and not lose any of our facilities, and also not owe $680,000 a year–what a blessing that will be.  Please keep praying that this all comes to fruition.  We have prayed and labored diligently on this project for many months.  Thank you for your prayers, patience, and encouragement.

Have a blessed weekend and, once again, congratulations to all our graduates on your accomplishment.

Danny Forshee

Proverbs 13:19