This Week @ Great Hills

May 27, 2016

I come to you today on behalf of Pastor Danny while he and Ashley are enjoying some much deserved time away on an Alaskan cruise.  They are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary as well as a very significant birthday for Ashley.  Pastor Danny recently mentioned how many, but I dare not venture into that conversation except only to say Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

God is working tremendously in our church, for which we are very grateful.  Thank you for faithfully attending, serving, supporting, inviting, and giving, and for praying for your pastor, staff and church family.  We are the Radiant Church worshipping the Lord Upwardly, discipling Inwardly and reaching/serving Outwardly!

Speaking of the Radiant Church…you heard recently Pastor Danny share the news about our plans to officially change the name of Great Hills Baptist Church to Radiant Church.  We have had an incredible voice of support for this plan.  However, we still have an occasional question regarding the plans concerning the name change.  Below are the questions and answers that are most commonly asked.  I hope this helps but if you still have questions please feel free to contact me.

  • What will the new name be? Radiant Church
  • Will Baptist be taken out of our name? If so, why?   Yes.  There are many in our city who do not have a good opinion of Baptist churches.  Many in the general unchurched public associate Baptist with what we stand against without hearing or experiencing the gospel that exemplifies love and the truth of Jesus.  By removing Baptist from the name we remove a barrier that might often keep someone from attending our church.
  • Will we still be a Baptist church? Yes.  Nothing will change in our church.  We will still be a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) and the Austin Baptist Association (ABA).
  • What is the reason for changing the name?

    • An Internet search of Great Hills Baptist Church reveals news stories from days past of staff moral failures and bankruptcy.  Even though those are old events at Great Hills, this bad press is a potential barrier to someone who has just moved to Austin looking for a church.  Those stories will always be among the top results of any Internet search.
    • It will be much easier to brand and market Radiant Church as we plant churches in the Austin area.  Examples: Radiant Church Austin, Radiant Church Leander, Radiant Church UT.  While there have been no locations chosen or timelines established, we are praying and will be sharing information about this soon.
  • When will the church name officially change? The process will take time.  There is no deadline or specific date in mind; however, we will officially make the change as soon as we get all the legal and logistic details attended to.

Please be praying for Pastor Danny and Ashley as they travel home Saturday.  We look forward to him being back in the pulpit this week as we gather to worship our great God together.  Invite a neighbor and we’ll see you Sunday morning!


Executive/Worship Pastor