This Week @ Great Hills

November 13, 2015

I attended the Southern Baptists of Texas annual Bible Conference and meeting the first part of this week, and it was a blessing.  Our church is a part of a vital and growing state convention being led by Dr. Jim Richards who is doing an outstanding job of keeping us focused on reaching a lost state with the good news of Jesus.  During the Bible Conference, the messengers elected me as the new president for 2016. GHBC will be the host church for the Bible Conference and annual meeting of the SBTC next year.  In other words, church family, we are going to have company!  Believers from all over the great state of Texas will be on our church campus November 13-16, 2016.  I would like to have some of our campus upgrades in place through Building Vision by this time next year.  Thank you to all who continue to give to our 5-in-5 campaign.  The goal is to raise $5 million dollars in five years to help make improvements on our campus and also pay off debt.  We are off to a great start with around $500,000 in cash and around $400,000 pledged between now and August 2016.

On Sunday we will continue our series in the Book of Revelation; our text is Revelation 21:9-27.  We will look at John’s vision of the New Jerusalem, the eternal home of those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  We should conclude our almost two-year study of Revelation the last Sunday of November.  Thank you for praying for me. I hope your faith has been blessed and stretched as a result of these messages on this grand book of prophecy.

We will receive our annual Harvest Day Offering on Sunday, November 22. I ask that you prayerfully consider an additional gift for our church to help us catch up on our 2015 expenses.  Though we have been very frugal and careful in spending money, it costs an enormous amount to maintain our campus and make our monthly debt payment of $57,000.  We are about $500,000 overspent for 2015 and will need generous and sacrificial giving on the part of our people.  Join me in praying and then giving extra for our Harvest Day Offering.

Finally, we are in the final negotiating stages of the ground lease and eventual selling of the piece of property located on the corner of Jollyville and Morado Circle   We had a great deacons meeting last week with much optimism and excitement over this potential transaction.  If all goes well, we should begin to see financial relief in 2017.  Yes, our church property will look different with the very upscale senior apartment residence on the corner, but this deal will make GHBC completely debt free in 2020.  However, I must share with you that between now and 2017 we will need God’s people to give generously and sacrificially.

Thank you for reading this update. I know it has much in it related to finances, but I feel it imperative that I share this important information with you so you are aware and informed.

I hope you have a blessed weekend. I also hope Baylor beats Oklahoma and my Auburn Tigers defeat Daniel’s Dawgs.

Danny Forshee

Psalm 1