This Week @ Great Hills

November 14, 2014

How about these cold temperatures! We are having January weather in November. I enjoy the changing of the seasons and the break from the hot weather in the summer. I was told when I moved to Austin that if you can make it through the hot summers, you would love living here. That is true, and my family and I enjoy living in Austin.

Lots happening in and around our radiant church! Construction began this week on a new playground for our preschoolers. It will be located right outside Building C and will have a fence around it. Thank you for giving your tithes and offerings. Because you give, we are able to provide a nice, safe place for our kids to play.

We are continuing to research and explore the many ways we can update and beautify our church campus. God has blessed us with over 275,000 square feet of buildings, and we have much work to do to make some much-needed repairs and remodeling on our campus. To this end, we will be raising money over the next three years in our Building Vision campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage giving above our normal tithe and to contribute generously toward both basic and aesthetic repairs and enhancements.  Please pray with me and do your part in helping out over the next three years, as we will not borrow money to make these repairs, but will raise the money and then spend it.

My message on Sunday is entitled “Give.” It is based on Jesus’ words in Luke 6:38 where He gives us the command to give and then lists the many blessings that are ours when we do so. The following Sunday, November 23, we will receive our Harvest Offering and come to the altar in an act of worship. We will use part of the money to catch up on our budget, as we are about $140,000 overspent for 2014. The remainder of the money will be directed to Building Vision.

Our new member class, church@greathills, will meet immediately following the morning worship service on Sunday. It is encouraging that many have signed up to attend this class. Sunday evening at 6:00pm we will ordain 13 new men to the deacon ministry. I will share a message for our new deacons which will be followed by a time of laying-on-of-hands. This is always a very special service so plan to come support our new deacons.

I am praying frequently for GHBC. I have an extended time of prayer every morning for our church and then pray multiple times throughout the day. Specifically, I am praying that God blesses us spiritually with unity and harmony, numerically where God would bring us new people to lead to Christ and disciple, and financially that our people would be faithful and obedient to Jesus, and give their tithes and offerings to the Lord for the work of ministry through GHBC.

Blessings to you and yours,

Danny Forshee

2 Corinthians 8:9