This Week @ Great Hills

November 20, 2015

I pray that God blesses you and your loved ones and that you have a great Thanksgiving next week.

Ninety-nine percent of our people voted and approved the lease and subsequent sale of our corner property, and we are surely moving forward!  We should start seeing monetary relief by 2017, but until then we will have to tighten our financial belts even more and greatly increase our giving.  On Sunday, we have the opportunity to help our church significantly with our annual Harvest Day Offering.  Ashley and I talked this week as to what we are going to give in addition to our tithe, mission offering, and Building Vision offering.  If everyone pitches in extra, it will go a long way to catching us up on 2015 expenses.  Please come prepared on Sunday to come to the altar and present your gift to the Lord for His church at Great Hills.  Thank you for joining my family and me by giving above and beyond.  We simply cannot do it without you!

On Sunday I will preach from Revelation 22:1-11. I look forward to sharing this message with you about life in heaven and life on earth.  Pray for me, please, and invite someone to join you for Bible study and worship.  God is moving in our church and every week we are seeing more and more new faces.  Thank You, Jesus.

There are numerous ministries and events taking place in and through our church family.  We had over 250 ladies in the Great Hall last night enjoying a wonderful time of holiday celebration.  Look at the announcements below to stay informed as to the many ministries and events taking place in your church.

I find myself doing much thinking and contemplation about GHBC.  I am committed to leading our church to be healthy, radiant, and debt-free.  We are making progress but still have much work to do.  I told my wife that either Jesus is coming soon or things are about to bust loose in a good way at GHBC.

For those who have stayed with us on this journey of becoming a radiant, disciple-making church, I thank you.  Our strategy is a biblical one and destined for success.  We make disciples who in turn go and make more disciples until Jesus comes again.  We are committed to being the church that Jesus wants us to be. I heard a pastor say recently, “Jesus started the church the way He wanted it, and He wants the church the way He started it.”

Good days are upon us and great days await us.  Look for it.  It is on the horizon.  God is working and GHBC is becoming a mighty army advancing the gospel and defeating darkness.  Jesus wins!

Danny Forshee

1 Corinthians 15:57