This Week @ Great Hills

November 24, 2017

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are enjoying some time with your family and loved ones.  I am grateful to God for so many blessings in my life and you are one of them.  Thank you for your love for Jesus and our church.  Thank you for giving so generously to our Harvest Offering.  The total amount given was $144,000.  That still puts us around $485,000 under-given for the year 2017.  With a strong end-of-year giving I am hoping we make up the difference and finish the year strongly.  Thank you again to all who gave so generously and sacrificially!  God continues to bless and use our church in marvelous ways, and I am grateful to God for you.

On Sunday I will preach a message from Psalm 100 entitled “Better Together.”  It is a message on the importance of corporate worship.  Just as all of us should worship God in private, we should likewise gather together each Lord’s Day and worship Him with the church, the people of God.  I look forward to sharing this message with you on Sunday!  We will see what God’s Word says in response to these two questions–how do we worship God and why do we worship God?  I invite you to bring your family and relatives who may be visiting you over the Thanksgiving break.

As you scroll down to the announcements section, you will notice that we have many events and activities planned through the remainder of the year.  My daughter, Hannah Samplaski, and I are looking forward to the Father-Daughter Cinderella Ball on Friday, December 1, in the Great Hall from 7:00 to 9:00pm.  I invite all our dads and grandads to come and let us have a fun night together with these special ladies.  I will share a brief message that evening on how to build a strong relationship with your daughter.

Ashley and I invite you to attend our Israel trip meeting on Sunday, December 17, immediately after our morning worship service.  We will share important information with all who are interested in going. We will meet in the sanctuary for a few minutes.  For more information, watch this brief video on the Israel trip.

Have a great Thanksgiving break.  I hope you enjoy some wonderful times thanking God for all His bountiful blessings, His gracious cornucopia in your lives.  And I hope your favorite football teams win too, especially my Auburn Tigers as they play the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

Danny Forshee

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18