This Week @ Great Hills

October 11, 2013

On Sunday we continue our study in the Explore God series with a message entitled “Is the Bible Reliable?”  Our primary biblical texts are 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Hebrews 4:12.  Also Sunday morning, we will have our parent/child dedication.  We are blessed to dedicate seven new parents and babies to Christ.  Please pray and come anticipating meeting God in worship.  I know I say this frequently, but let me remind you again of the importance of personally inviting someone to join you for Bible Life and worship each week.  We are grateful for the favor and blessings of God upon our church family.  We are continuing to grow in unity and numbers, and over the next several weeks we will be presenting the new members with whom God has blessed us.

We will complete our Explore God study on November 3 when Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis comes to preach both in the morning and evening.  His ministry placed a billboard on Times Square this week, and both the New York Times and CNN wrote articles about his ministry.  It is a miracle that he is coming to GHBC.  His team told me that they are not even charging us and they are paying their own expenses—truly a miracle!  We will take a love offering and let us all be generous in our giving to support AIG.

A few highlights of the many exciting ministries and events coming soon:

  •  Our single adults are having a fall retreat October 18-19 here on our campus.  God has blessed us with many singles who attend regularly and who faithfully serve our church family.  I am grateful for them and all they do for Christ and His church.
  •  On November 10, Lieutenant General Bruce Wright will speak as we observe Veterans Day during our morning worship.  Bruce and Kerri Wright are special patriots and they will be a blessing to us on this great day.
  • On Friday, November 15, our women’s ministry will have their Christmas Traditions Celebration.  Donna Gaines, author of the chronological Bible study, will be the guest speaker.
  • Sunday, November 17, is our annual Harvest Sunday Offering when we will receive a special offering for our church.  We will also be observing the Lord’s Supper on this day.  The monies we receive will go to helping us catch up on our annual budget expenses. While our expenses have been well below our approved annual budget, they have exceeded our giving by nearly $200,000. Therefore we are in need of a generous offering to catch us up on our giving.  Our church staff is very frugal in spending money, but it takes an enormous amount of money to keep GHBC operational as we pay our bills, mortgage, and reach out to our city and world.

Please forgive me if you have a special event and do not see it in my newsletter or hear me announce it on Sunday mornings.  We have so much going on at our church—which is a good thing—that I simply cannot list all the events or ministries of our church.

Finally, I simply want to thank you for all you do for our Lord and His church.  I appreciate you and am honored to serve at Great Hills as your pastor.  I do ask for your continued prayers for all our staff and me.  We are diligently praying and searching for the two open staff positions of Student Pastor and Young Adult Pastor.  And thank you for praying for me as I teach theology each Thursday morning at 6:45 am.  Each week we have over 100 people attend on-site, and probably about that many who watch us live online or later in the week.  Besides Jesus and my immediate family, I am giving all I have for the health and success of GHBC.  One of the deep passions of my life is to see our church healthy, debt-free, completely unified, and inexorably following Jesus every day.  And to this end I give my life.

See you Sunday with a word from the Word of God on the great subject of bibliology—the study of Scripture.  It is the most important sermon I have ever preached.

Danny Forshee

Isaiah 32:8