This Week @ Great Hills

October 14, 2017

Getting Ready for Company
Church family, we will have many guests on our campus November 13-15, for the Southern Baptists of Texas 2016 Bible Conference and Annual Meeting.  We have been diligently planning and preparing for people from all over the state to come to our church.  As a member of our church you are invited to come. I would encourage you to mark November 13th on your calendar.  The Bible Conference starts at 5:40pm and it will be a fantastic time of worship and preaching.  One of the highlights will be Dr. Leo Day of Southwestern Seminary bringing 40 of his music students from all over the world, and they will sing Amazing Grace in their language accompanied by our orchestra.
Also, on Tuesday night, November 15, Gregg Mattee from FBC Houston will preach and contemporary Christian artist Jeremy Camp will give a free concert.  We are inviting all the churches of Austin to join us that night so it is going to be a packed house.
Speaking of getting ready for company, in 20 years the city of Austin will double in size; yes, that is correct, we will have over 4 million people total.  I am not sure where we will put them or how our infrastructure will handle the growth, but it is coming, ready or not.  What does this mean for the Church in Austin?  It means we have to get ready.  I am grateful to God that He is allowing us to be future and forward thinking and make the changes now that will position us for the influx of people that God will send our way.  Monetizing a piece of our land, remodeling, church planting, changing name of church, yes all big changes for our Radiant Church! Thank you for believing in our vision to take the gospel of Jesus to the world.  In many ways, God is bringing the world to us.
I am looking forward to preaching from Luke 10:25-37 on Sunday as we continue our CROSSFIT series.  The title is “Loving Others” and we will look at the third letter in the acrostic CROSSFIT–the letter O.  On Tuesday night we had a good group show up for outreach.  I have heard great reports of how God blessed.  I got to share Jesus using the 5 Crosses.  Our team was also able to love on and encourage a Hindu lady, a transgendered atheist, and many others, most of whom were very receptive.  We only have a couple more outreach nights during October.  Come join us.  We meet Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm and are done by 7:00pm.
See you Sunday.  Invite someone to join you for Bible study and worship.
Danny Forshee
Ephesians 5:27 “That He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.”