This Week @ Great Hills

October 16, 2015

I wish everyone in our church could have been at the Patio Café on Tuesday to see the room overflowing with international participants in our Life Bridge ESL class (English as a Second Language).  Nancy Gibbs has a small army of GHBC volunteers who love on these people from all over the world, teach them English, and share the Word of God with them.  In the classroom right next to the Patio Café we had a great class of our Radiant Friends, an Alzheimer’s ministry which is staffed by GHBC volunteers.  So many of our people serve Jesus in numerous ways. I just wish everyone could see what I get to see, but even the staff and I do not see or even know about all the sacrificial ministry that our people engage in weekly.  We are so proud of our people and how they love God and love others.

A group from our church attended the chapel service at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth on Wednesday.  At the close of the chapel service, Dr. Paige Patterson had Preacher and Barbara O’Chester come to the stage where he recognized them and the wonderful contributions that they have made in ministry for Christ and Southern Baptists.  He then asked me to pray a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for them. It was a special time of honoring the O’Chesters.  Following the recognition we made our way to the foyer area of the chapel where a beautiful stained glass portrait of the O’Chesters is displayed.  The O’Chesters are right next to Southwestern Alumni Pastor Rick Warren.  It was a special day and a wonderful time of honoring God’s servants, the O’Chesters.

On Sunday we will continue our study in the book of Revelation as we begin to come to a close of this amazing book in the Word of God.  I hope that it has been a beneficial study for you and helped in your walk with the Lord.  It is an intense book, no doubt, but it does end well, incredibly well for those who know Christ.  For those who do not follow Jesus, it is a very difficult ending or, should I say, future.  As I have said before, studying the book of Revelation inspires the child of God to walk with Him and motivates the lost to surrender their lives to the Lordship of Christ.

After the morning worship service on Sunday we will have church@greathills, our new member class.  If you know someone interested in becoming a member of our church, encourage them to come to the Great Hall on Sunday for lunch and hear me share what it means to be a member of our church.

God blessed our business meeting last week. We voted almost unanimously to sell our corner lot of property should a leasing tenant choose to exercise the option to purchase.  We will keep you updated as things progress.  Thank you for your prayers and continual support.

See you Sunday.

Danny Forshee

1 Corinthians 15:57