This Week @ Great Hills

October 18, 2013

On Sunday we will continue our Explore God series and I will preach from John 7:14-18. The title of the message is “Can I Know God Personally?” The following Sunday I will wrap up my portion of the series and I am considering doing something a bit different that I have never done before. We will complete our Explore God study on Sunday, November 3 when Ken Ham comes to preach both in the morning and evening. It will be a great day of worship and teaching. Please help us get the word out in our city and invite your friends and loved ones to join you to hear Ken Ham’s powerful teaching.

The churches in Austin were low in attendance last week due to the holiday and the rain, and in some cases flooding. Our attendance was down as well, but I thought it interesting the number of people who watched online in our city and other places. We had 188 units that would include computers, IPads, IPhones, etc. We cannot count the exact number, but it is safe to assume 200-300 people joined us virtually, which is pretty cool. And we had 10 first-time couples plus other single adults visit us on this rainy holiday Sunday. God continues to bring new people to our church family and many of them join our fellowship.

Speaking of guests, perhaps you have noticed our efforts to beef up our hospitality ministry, as you arrive on campus on Sunday mornings. Mark Cook and his team are working hard. We still need more greeters and parking lot attendants. Let Mark know if you can help us in this vital ministry. All of us are greeters every Sunday! Let me encourage you when you arrive on campus to please be sensitive to those around you and speak to them and ask if they need assistance. During the welcome time in worship, scatter out and look for new faces so you can greet them and welcome them. This is so important!

Church family, I need your help with a couple of matters. First, thank you for praying for me and I ask that you continue to pray for me for wisdom as I seek to give leadership to GHBC. Second, I ask for your patience and understanding. Many give me books, CDs, articles, recommendations, etc., to read and evaluate. I know you are passionate about the subject or else you would not give it to me. I am sorry, but I simply cannot get to each one.

There are some very important ministries and events coming soon and I ask that you look below at the announcement section. Also, please go to our website as it has much information that will assist you. If you have a question, please contact our church office.

I am looking forward to Sunday and preaching from John 7 on how we can know God personally!

Danny Forshee

Romans 1:16-17