This Week @ Great Hills

October 2, 2015

It was a blessing to walk through our church campus on Wednesday night and see all the ministry and discipleship taking place.  So many of our people are participating by volunteering their time and spiritual gifts to serve our church.  Thank you very much, and may God bless you and all you do for Him and our church family.

We will conclude our three-part series of messages on the Art of Neighboring on Sunday. Pastor Daniel will preach on the topic of fear as it relates to being a good neighbor.  It will be a powerful sermon.  Thank you, Brother Stuart, for your fine message last Sunday.  I still see that bucket on stage and the point you made about packing our lives so full that we leave little margins for loving our neighbors.  God has blessed us with a wonderful staff at Great Hills.  All our pastors, directors, and support staff do a fantastic job of serving the Lord at Great Hills and I am blessed to labor with them for the cause of Christ in leading GHBC to be a radiant church in Austin.

Sunday evening at 6:00 we will have a special worship service led by the Great Hills orchestra as we celebrate the 35-year ministry of our orchestra director, Jerry Babbitt.  This will be a worshipful and enjoyable evening of praise, so I invite you to come be a part of this celebration service.

We will have a special called business meeting after our morning worship service next Sunday, October 11.  I have e-mailed details about the item for discussion and vote to all our pastoral and lay leadership.  We have a wonderful opportunity to monetize a piece of our property and receive a financial blessing in the future which will greatly assist us in fulfilling our purpose of being a radiant church and a debt-free church!  I look forward to sharing this great news with you on October 11.

I do not mention my traveling on Facebook or Twitter because of safety reasons for my family.  I do ask for your prayers for me next week as I will preach eight times in North Carolina. I am looking forward to being with a former student of mine and preaching in his church and community.  I do not worry too much, however, about my family as our 90-pound German Shepherd is highly protective and dearly loves my wife!  She likes me and minds me, but she loves Ashley!

The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing across 10500 Jollyville Road, and God is blessing and using His people to do wonderful things for His name and fame and for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.  God is pleased, but Satan is none too happy.  If I were the devil, I too would attack and come after with everything I had against a church that made disciples, preached the Bible, and invaded an entire people group with the light of the grace gospel of Jesus Christ!

As God told Zerubbabel and Joshua in Haggai 2:4-5, be strong in your work, the LORD is with us, and do not fear.

Danny Forshee