This Week @ Great Hills

October 25, 2013

Much is happening at Great Hills this fall season!  We are grateful to God for His favor and blessings upon our church family.  We are nearing the end of our Explore God series, but this Sunday will be a special day for us.  Many of our Great Hills members are participating in the My Hope with Billy Graham outreach.  The strategy is based on Luke 5:27-32 where Matthew, the tax-collector-turned-disciple-of-Jesus, has a party and invites his friends to meet Christ.  We will look briefly at this text on Sunday morning and then I will show you a powerful presentation of the gospel by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  If you are interested in joining the dozens in our church who are hosting an evangelistic opportunity where we will show this video in our homes, you can sign up in the Great Hall following the worship service.  I have been praying for weeks for some of my friends and have already heard back from a few of them who have said they are planning to come to our house November 10.  Ashley and I are excited!

Mark your calendar for these special fall events:

  •  Thursday, October 31 − We will have our annual Fall Fest from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  We still need candy, and we really need volunteers to help serve from 8:00 to 9:00pm.  If you can help out, please let Laura Clontz know.
  •  Sunday, November 3 − Ken Ham will be with us both in the morning and the evening to present his dynamic messages on creation and evolution.  Sunday morning he will preach a message entitled “Genesis: Is It Relevant in 2013?”  That evening his message is “Answers to the Skeptical Questions of the Age.”  There is a good chance that we will have protestors that day since Ken is deeply hated because of his strong stance against evolution, atheism, and secular humanism.  His ministry is called Answers in Genesis and they will make his books and products available for purchase in the Great Hall.
  •  Sunday, November 10 − General Bruce Wright will be with us on Veteran’s Day.  Bruce is a retired three-star general with the United States Air Force.  He and his wife Kerri are wonderful patriots who love the Lord and our country.

Remember, it’s time this Sunday for our monthly Change-Your-World offering.  Please place your loose change in the orange buckets located at the entrances to our sanctuary.  These monies are used for our benevolence ministry.

See you Sunday!

Danny Forshee

Luke 19:10