This Week @ Great Hills

October 6, 2017

Sunday night was a history-making night in our country, but for all the wrong reasons.  A crazed gunman named Stephen Paddock murdered 59 people and injured 489 others.  It was the largest mass shooting in the history of the USA.  Like many of you, I have been deeply troubled by this all week.  The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday entitled “Mystery Deepens on Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive.”  I believe the Bible tells us clearly the motive and driving force behind this murderous act.  I have dedicated my weekly podcast to exploring this further and invite you to tune in and listen.  The podcast is entitled REvangelical and comes out each Saturday.  You can download it free at I-Tunes or at my website  Also, in this podcast I will speak to the issue of why―why would a person commit such a heinous act and why did God allow this to happen.  Pray for me as I share with the listeners.  Invite others to join in as we will look further into the theological issue of theodicy–why does God allow bad things to happen?

Ashley and I enjoyed going on mission to Maui with eight other Great Hills members.  God blessed our time together as we served at Kihei Baptist Chapel.  We helped paint and do minor construction projects, as well as teach and train the leadership of the church.  We have a very good relationship with this church and it is a wonderful thing to see how God is using GHBC in this partnership.  I am very proud of our church’s commitment to missions.  We have strong partnerships in various parts of the world.  God is doing great things through GHBC as we pray, give, and go to places all over the globe.

On Sunday I will preach a message entitled “The Blessed Church.”  Our text will be passages from the book of Acts, especially in the first two chapters.  I appreciate Jeffrey and Daniel for preaching the first two sermons in this series that we are simply calling Blessed.  There are many characteristics of a blessed church.  For example, according to the Book of Acts, a blessed church enjoys unity, prays, has bold preachers of truth, baptizes people, is doctrinally sound, fellowships, performs miracles, gives sacrificially to meet needs, is in one accord, has gladness, worships God, has favor with people, and grows through conversion growth.  Perhaps one day I will preach through the Book of Acts, but for Sunday I will only have time to address the first two traits of a blessed church–unity and prayer.  Pray for me as I share this message with you, and invite others to join you for worship and Bible study on the Lord’s Day.

Have a blessed weekend.

Danny Forshee

Romans 15:13