This Week @ Great Hills

September 13, 2013

We are off to a great start with our Explore God initiative. Many pastors in Austin are preaching messages that help give answers to the questions that seekers are asking. There are also many who are meeting in small discussion groups and engaging in spiritual conversations throughout the city. Last Thursday night was a bit of heaven on earth. What a wonderful time of prayer and worship. Thank you, Great Hills, for being such gracious hosts to our city. On Sunday we will continue Explore God with a message entitled “Is There a God?” There are many biblical texts we will look into, including the powerful passage in Psalm 19:1-7. During our Bible Life hour beginning at 9:30 our own Kyle Miller will be leading an Explore God discussion group in the Great Hall. If you do not have a Bible Life class or if you know someone who is interested in Explore God, please come to this class.

Church family, I sincerely ask for your help on this important matter of coming to the worship service on time. Please come a few minutes before 11:00am prepared to greet one another and, most importantly, to worship our great God. We are working toward finishing at 12:15, so please come a couple of minutes early so that we can begin with excitement at 11:00 sharp. Our goal is to make very few announcements because all the information is in your worship guide and on our church website. We will take up the offering about midway through the worship service, so please be prepared to give your offering a bit sooner.

Many have signed up to participate in the My Hope with Billy Graham evangelism ministry. I want to encourage you to continue to pray for those you will invite to your home in November to show the video. God hears your prayers and He will send the people He wants to be there! Speaking of outreach, on November 3 we are having creationist Ken Ham speak both Sunday morning and Sunday evening. He is arguably the most sought-after speaker in the country on the issue of creation and evolution. Ken is from Australia, and God has blessed him with a truly anointed ministry based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. On that Sunday we will begin at 11:00; I will introduce him and by 11:05 he will be speaking. That evening he will speak at 6:00pm. He will answer questions related to the age of the earth, dinosaurs, where Cain got his wife, and the one race from Adam and Eve. I assure you that you will be blessed. Sometime I will have to tell you about the miracle of how we were able to get Ken Ham here at Great Hills.

We had 157 people for our first systematic theology class yesterday morning, and many others joined us online. We still have some room if you want to get up early and study theology with us at 6:45am in the Great Hall on Thursday mornings.

See you Sunday with a word from the Word of God.

Danny Forshee
2 Timothy 2:15