This Week @ Great Hills

September 15, 2017

We are nearing the completion of our 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting and Cleanse the Temple.  Thank you for joyfully participating in these spiritual exercises.  God has truly blessed and visited us.  It has been a most enriching and spiritually challenging time.  How cool is it that in our church the Word of God is being read around the clock and all 144 one-hour slots are filled with our people!  Thank you again for your love for the Lord and desire to see our church blessed, radiant, healthy, and unified.

Sunday will be a powerful and historic day for GHBC.  At the conclusion of the worship service we will recognize and pray for those in our church who will plant Cornerstone Community Church in the Cedar Park / Leander area.  I will invite all our staff, deacons, and family and close friends of these that we are sending out to join me in the laying on of hands and praying over this leadership team.  Stuart Smithson will be the new pastor and eventually they will be meeting in Knowles Elementary School in Cedar Park.  I am so proud of these missionaries and am also proud of our church and the commitments we have made in giving people and finances to help this new work.  I believe that God will bless them for their obedience to the Great Commission and He will bless us for our step of faith and commitment to the Great Commission.  Exciting times!

On Sunday we will finish our series of sermons on the Old Testament book of Nehemiah.  Our text is Nehemiah 13 and the title of the sermon is “Tackling Problems Head On.”  Take some time to read this most interesting passage of Scripture.  Nehemiah is a bold and courageous leader and in this text he reminds me of two other biblical men who also cleansed the Temple, and that would be Hezekiah and Jesus.  I am looking forward to preaching God’s Word on Sunday.  Come and invite others to join you.  

Daniel VanCleave and Jeffrey Samplaski are off and running in their new ministries.  Daniel is our new Young Adult Pastor and Jeffrey serves as our new Student Pastor.  Let me encourage you to reach out to them and let them know you support them and that you are praying that God richly blesses their ministries.

Finally, thank you for your faithfulness in giving your tithes and offerings to GHBC.  Your tithes provide the funding for all our church ministries, debt retirement, and nearly everything we do.  In addition let me encourage you to give above your tithes to both our Building Vision Fund that helps pay for various building and maintenance projects on our campus, and also our Missions Ministry which helps the dozens of mission enterprises our church supports.

Have a blessed weekend.  See you Sunday as this will be a great day for our church.

Danny Forshee

Proverbs 11:25 “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.”