This Week @ Great Hills

September 2, 2016

Sunday we will observe the Lord’s Supper during the worship service.  This is always a special time for the follower of Christ.  We will take note of biblical texts in Genesis and the Gospels as we compare “Joseph and Jesus.”  We have noticed in our study of the Old Testament patriarch, Joseph, many similarities to the Lord Jesus.  Please take some time this weekend to pray and ask God to prepare your heart to hear the Word of God and respond to His leading with obedience.

There are so many wonderful things happening in and through our radiant church, and I am so grateful to God for His blessings and guidance.  We continue to send mission teams all over the USA and the world.  Our South Asia team made it back safely, as did our Maui team.  We are praying for our North Africa team as they make preparations to go the end of September.  One of the key attributes of a radiant church is an outward focus where her members take the gospel to those who are lost and without Jesus and hope.

In the fall we will begin a new sermon series called CROSSFIT, an eight-week emphasis on making disciples.  We will learn the Five Crosses evangelistic tool and ask God for multiple opportunities to share.  This week I had the privilege of sharing Jesus using the Five Crosses with a retired UT professor.  He did not pray to receive Christ; however, he told me that even though he had heard the gospel before, he really liked the way this was communicated to him as I drew the crosses on a napkin.  I believe this brilliant man is close to the kingdom and I look forward to meeting him, along with his girlfriend, again.

Church family, can I ask you to join me in praying for some very important matters that are on my heart?  Please pray for:

  • A new worship service during the weekday for unchurched Asian people.
  • The opening of our church to some Ethiopian believers who are looking for a place where they can worship.
  • The completion of Phase 1 of Building Vision.  We are about $90,000 short of reaching our $1.2 million goal.
  • October outreach as part of our CROSSFIT discipleship emphasis.
  • The name change to the Radiant Church.
  • Men’s discipleship ministry starting Thursday, September 22, at 6:30am.  I will be teaching from the book of Proverbs and we will meet in either the Great Hall or Atrium.

I love our church and am grateful to God for Him allowing me to serve here.  Thank you for your sweet spirit of cooperation and intercession.

Thank you for your patience as we continue construction on the new coffee shop, library, and flooring.  The Ministry Mall is coming along very well.  We are progressing with changing the ground floor entry of Building C into a “front door” to our church.

Allow me to share again that we are on pace to be completely debt-free in four years!  If all continues to go well, we will monetize the nearly four acres at the corner of Morado Circle and Jollyville Road.  The new upscale apartment complex will bring many new prospects to our church, and that alone excites me.

Thank you for reading this update and for all your prayers and support.


Danny Forshee

Philippians 4:13, 19