This Week @ Great Hills

September 5, 2014

There are many tragedies and crises all over our world, from nations invading other nations to militant terrorists bent on shedding blood.  Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that times would get worse before He comes again.  And when He comes it will be a time of rejoicing for those who know Him and a time of wrath for those who do not.  On Sunday we will study Revelation 6:1-8 where the four horsemen of the Apocalypse begin their destructive work on planet earth during the Great Tribulation.  This will be a solemn word of warning for those who hate God, but this message will be a blessing and encouragement for the people of God.  God will vindicate the righteous.  He is sovereign and He wins. He always wins!

This Sunday we will observe the Lord’s Supper in obedience to our Lord’s command to do this in His remembrance.

I am grateful to God for His favor and blessings that He is pouring upon our church family.  Psalm 68:19 states, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Selah”

Danny Forshee