This Week @ Great Hills

Still Small Voice

The envelope with our tithe check stayed in my back pocket all day Sunday.  It happens often.  I am busy during the time the plate is passed and if I don’t think ahead and give it to Debbie it ends up in my pocket.  I drop it off first thing Monday morning when I get the office at that point.

It was cool Monday morning so I put on a fleece jacket, a black Columbia, when I left the house.  I grabbed my coffee and backpack and stuck the envelope in the pocket of my jacket on the way out the door.  I needed gas in my truck so I whipped in at H*E*B…it was $2.91 that morning.  I stood there waiting on the tank to fill thinking about how incredible the day with Ken Ham had been as well as all the details of a new week.  The gas hose handle popped indicating the tank was full and I was out $50.  With the gas cap replaced, I jumped back in the truck, cranked up and off to the office I headed.

And then out of nowhere I heard, “Check your pocket.”  Now, it wasn’t an audible voice but it might as well have been because I understood completely the prompting.  I first thought, “Huh?  Why check my pocket?”  After a moment or two of arguing with myself I finally reached in my pocket to realize the envelope with our tithe check was gone.  So I stopped, put the truck in reverse and backed up to the pump to find the envelope laying on the ground next to the gas pump.

Some might say it was coincidental.  I say it was the still small voice of the Holy Spirit who lives in me.  God loves us and cares for us, even down to the smallest details.  He is continuously attentive and never sleeps.  He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.  How blessed we are to have a companion in life to lead and guide us as well as prevent an accident.

It made me wonder how many times God speaks to me and I ignore Him or am so consumed with details and life that I don’t hear Him.  So I thanked Him and committed to be more attentive to His voice and be ready to respond to whatever His prompting is.