This Week @ Great Hills

The Church

I love the local church.  I have given almost 35 years of my almost 55 years to serving the local church in full time ministry.  That sounds waaay too sacrificial…”given,” like I have made some kind of personal sacrifice in choosing my life’s work or ministry or that I gave up something significant in my life to follow God’s call to serve the local church.

Take a couple of minutes and watch this clip from a message from my friend, Voddie Baucham.  Well, we met a couple of times and worked together on an event or two.  He’s probably more like an acquaintance.  He probably doesn’t remember me.  Oh well…..

I pray that our church agenda is God’s church agenda.  Let’s be the church!  May we never “box” God in the 4 walls of the church.  He desires to bust out, to meet the needs of people all around us in ATX, America and the nations of the world.

I love the Radiant Church motif and identify strongly with it.  I desire to see God’s people discipled and growing deeper in their relationship with Him.  As that happens people are transformed into passionate worshippers who worship the Lord Upwardly.  People that worship 24/7 in every area of their lives.  Worship becomes the constant passionate response to all the God has done in their lives.  Worship is not just a place to go on Sunday.  People will be hungry for the word of God, studying the meat of His word and being Inward in Discipleship.  As they learn to walk intimately with Christ and learn more of who He is and who they are in Him, people become missional and talk about Jesus everywhere they go.  And there is a desire to take the gospel to the nations and be Outward in Missions.  It’s all a part of the process!  We are all on this journey of sanctification.

Where are you on the journey?