This Week @ Great Hills

What a Day!

You have heard it said, “You never know what a day will bring.”  Well, we had one of those yesterday.  I will spare you from the “play by play” but it was just one of those days that you shake your head at and laugh.

The day started out badly when I sliced a finger open while moving a washer/dryer set to Katie’s apartment.  Danny Lacey helped me move them from our house to hers.  (Thx Danny!)  We both sustained cuts from the bottom of the dryer but my side looked like somebody had been murdered on it as I had made a mess all over it.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that!

The car battery died.  Sometimes when we pull into our garage at home the headlights will come on as they do when they sense darkness.  Wednesday it was raining which made it extra dark in the garage.  Most of the times we just pull the keys from the ignition which kills the lights.  But this time Deb left them in the ignition not knowing that the headlights had kicked on due to the cloudy, dark day.  Later that day she discovered what had happened.  When I got home I plugged up the battery charger and had planned to let it charge overnight.  No big deal.

After dinner at “Mighty Fine” 🙂 I headed to church for a little jam session with some of the guys in the band.  We had a great time just playing, singing and worshipping together.  After a couple of hours I headed home to check on the battery.  I was cruising north on 183 when I felt my truck jump and sputter a couple of time and then noticed my speed decreasing.  “What in the world?!”  I checked my gas gauge…1/8 of a tank, no where near “E.”  So I thought!  I had run out of gas.  I managed to get across 3 lanes and pull off on the shoulder and immediately called Deb.  Oh wait!  Her car is dead!  Can she ride my motorcycle and come get me? Of course not!  Thankfully 4 hours on the charger was enough to get her up and running again.  She grabbed the little gas can, stopped to top it off and headed to find her stranded husband sitting alone in the dark.  I dumped the can of gas into my tank, all the while dodging the traffic on 183…folks were flying by!  I felt much better having emptied the can and throwing it in the back of the truck and getting safely back inside.  Now alls thats left (that is proper english in MS) is to get the gas from the once emptied tank to the engine so I can get on my way.  I mean it’s 10:00 now and I have been sitting here for what seemed like forever.  I hit it and the engine fired, sputtered and died.  I hit it again a little longer as to give the engine time to get a good drink.  Ooooh…what is that dying sound?  My battery?  Tell me NO!  But, yep…there I sat with a mostly empty tank and a dead battery.

I called the Austin police dept. to see if they had a service with a portable jump battery and they connected me to the Hero’s program.  I was unaware of the H.E.R.O. program but I sure was glad to learn about it last night.  H.E.R.O. stands for Highway Emergency Response Operator.  (Here’s their Facebook page)  It is a free service to aid stranded motorist on 183 and I-35.  15 minutes later Gary pulled up with a portable jump battery and had me up and running in just a couple of minutes.

After a quick stop at the gas station I was back on the road on my way home.  Debbie had stayed with me and followed close behind to make sure I got home without any more issues.  She’s so patient and too good to me!  What a day…we went to bed laughing and shaking our heads at the odds of that ever happening!